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The New Age & the ultra-materialistic paradigm are inadvertently working hand in hand to dilute and diminish traditional astrology

The ancient Greeks defined "logos" (as in astro-logy) as Reason permeating the Universe and the natural world. The arbiters of the so-called Enlightenment set out to remove the Divine element from science, ripping the once complementary disciplines of astrology and astronomy apart while declaring the former as total bunk because they say so. The latter was reduced to its bare, mechanistic, observable phenomena (but only according to rules and methods skewed in favor of the materialistic view) and every trace of philosophy was subsequently eliminated from natural philosophy, thus turning it into “modern science” which defends its rigid views with a dogmatic, almost religious zeal while being far from able to prove conclusively and unequivocally that the purported worldview is indeed the only accurate one.

Following the Enlightenment, astrology has not only become obsolete in the cold, hard facts-oriented minds of the reductionist materialists, it has also been made a subject of utter disdain and ridicule by any member of the bourgeoisie and wannabe academia who wished to count themselves among the reasonable, and wanted to be favored by intellectual elites or whoever identified as such. While it was considered somewhat en vogue for a time in elitist circles to dabble in the occult, there was never any real respect for astrology as far as the masses were concerned, no matter which societal echelon they belonged to. They only received bite-sized chunks of diluted and thus largely inaccurate "knowledge" of astrology, just enough to entertain them and, unfortunately, engender an entire industry of people who have never studied the ancients and only regurgitate what the New Age literature has been churning out since the late 1800s with the advent of popularized occultism, thanks to the New Age movement. ...READ MORE

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