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Welcome to Sun Moon Self.

Understanding astrology can give you a profoundly empowering,

new perception of yourself and the patterns in your life that you may find challenging or mysterious. As a trained, professional astrologer, it is my highest goal to give you practical

and effective guidance in (re)discovering your unique life path so that you can see

more clearly who you are and where you are going, in light and in darkness.

Know thyself.


– Inscription on the temple of Apollo at Delphi

 All the gods, all the heavens...are within you.


– Joseph Campbell





Birth chart

Your chart according to Western (tropical) astrology. This will show you a good overview of central themes in life such as personality (outward and inward), hidden challenges, physical consititution (not medical advice), career, etc. You can let me know in advance any area(s) of life that you would like me to pay specific attention to.


Cost: 150 € / 60 minutes

Birth time recrification requires a considerable amount of additional work as I will use thorough predictive methods for this. Cost: 350 €

partnership chart

Synastry & composites for general compatibility, harmonious and potentially difficult aspects for couples or groups. This can be very useful for romantic relationships as well as family, business partners, friends, bands or any other team project. Indicative of both the potential and the likely outcome of a partnership or collaboration. (Not relationship or marriage counseling)

Cost: 220 € / 60 minutes



Transits, solar/ lunar/ planetary returns, progressions, solar arc directions - aka the "weather forecast" for the near future for you or your project, depending on what it is that you would like to focus on (I select the best predictive methods according to your question/s). These readings can be done as a general overview or for very specific life areas/ events such as finding a good date for private or business ventures, etc.

Cost: 190 € / 60 minutes

In order to correctly interpret your chart, I require your birth date, location and the birth time (as precisely as possible). If you don't know the time, I can still give you a thorough reading without the details the exact time would provide me with. I have accurately interpreted charts even when the birth time was not available. I also offer birth time rectifications, through which an approximately accurate time can be determined.

The partnership reading requires both your and your partner's exact birth details, including birth time.

For predictive astrology, the exact birth time is required or the result will be less accurate.

Astrology readings are either via audio call on Skype (60 minutes) or in writing, in which case you receive an e-mail with a pdf containing your comprehensive, personalized reading which I will spend 60 minutes preparing for you. Readings are available in English or German.










My name is Olivia Solner. I am a certified Western (tropical) astrologer born in Eastern Europe, based in Germany. I am also an audio-visual artist and voice teacher with a university degree in vocal education & performance (jazz, popular music). As a student of pre-Abrahamic beliefs, exploring my ancestral esoteric traditions is of great importance to me. I do not follow the teachings of the "New Age" school of thought.

Seeing the highly significant revelations astrology has given me on many levels, I am convinced that this ancient art and science can help us get to know ourselves better. The stars can show us the way our consciousness is wired to respond to challenges from within and without. Far from being a fatalist, I firmly believe that it is up to us what we make of our "destiny" using our free will, so that we become active designers instead of passive figures subject to rules we do not understand. The more we can grasp our own nature and singular path, the more truth, integrity, and integration we are able to experience and express. Astrology has nothing to do with shallow pop culture fortune telling for entertainment. Instead, it has everything to do with finding your way to individuation.

I aim to help you see this for yourself in my readings, so that you may benefit more from your own unique gifts, talents, and karmic lessons. Know thyself.

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