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Huge thanks to Olivia for creating my birth chart. The reading and analysis was simply amazing, everything was spot on and it has really helped me to see deeper into myself. I can’t recommend Olivia enough.

– Samantha, Italy

Wonderful experience getting two readings from Olivia....
to the point, informative and accurate.

– Gary, Czech Republic

I was delighted by my astrology reading with Olivia! She is very knowledgeable and insightful, sensitive to the client's needs, and went beyond expectations in every way.

– Greg, UK

Olivia did my son's birth chart when I was still in the maternity ward. This was a source of great comfort for me at the time because in Italy they still had very strict visitor regulations due to the pandemic.
It still is a source of great joy and wonder, seeing him develop and discovering how accurate she was.
Her reading has been so accurate
that at times it has almost been eerie.

– Tina, Italy

Olivia is insightful and she gave me invaluable astrological advice and knowledge. I was abused as a child and the child abuse I suffered and survived is very clear in my natal chart; Olivia dealt with the child abuse I survived and my healing journey with sincere compassion, encouragement and true understanding. She was most certainly NOT blase nor dismissive and flippant about the child abuse which shows in my natal chart. I am grateful to Olivia for her compassion and understanding and for her invaluable advice, knowledge and insights. Olivia is a serious, fair and just, dedicated and conscientious astrologer. Olivia was willing and available to answer any questions about my consultation afterwards, even a couple of months afterwards! Thank you.

– Larissa, UK

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