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Birth chart reading

What it includes:

Your birth chart according to Western (tropical) astrology. This will show you a good overview of central themes in life such as personality (outward and inward), hidden challenges, physical consititution (not medical advice), career, etc. You can let me know in advance any area(s) of life that you would like me to pay specific attention to.

You don't need to know your exact birth time for me to do a reading, but if you do, it helps make the analysis more precise as the birth time determines the ascendant (the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth) and thus gives me extra layers of information and insight. It's entirely possible to read a birth chart very accurately without knowing the birth time, and I have already done so succcessfuly in the past for my clients.

Cost: 150 €



This reading includes everything listed above plus the Arabic Parts. This is an ancient method of reading a chart that was almost forgotten during the Middle Ages while astrolgy was struggling for survival amidst a multitude of vicious attacks from the clergy and later the newly emerging, ultra-materialistic scientific paradigm. The Arabic Parts or Lots offer a unique, profound glimpse into otherwise hidden areas within a chart and make for an intriguing exploration of one's own, deeply hidden motives, challenges, yearnings & powerful gifts. If you wish to include this fascinating area into your birth chart reading, I would love to offer you a look "behind the scenes". Not many modern astrologers use them, but they are truly amazing once you understand how they work. This reading is ONLY possible if you know your birth time. It can also be used for predictive outlooks, non-personal charts such as events or businesses (if you know the time of their inception or going public etc).

If you choose to get a reading via Skype, it will be 75 minutes (the reading without Arabic Parts is 60 min).

Cost: 175 €

Watch this video to get an idea of what this method can reveal to you:

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