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Personal short-term report

What it includes:

A personalized outlook either for specific dates of interest or:

  • New Moon or Full Moon (or both within the same month)

  • Solar or Lunar Eclipse

  • Important planetary occasions such as major transits/ conjunctions

  • Sun entering a new sign and the upcoming sign's "weather forecast" for you

  • Lunar return ( = your "Moon weather" for one month)

  • Mercury or other planets going retrograde


I will show you where in your chart an eclipse, for example, takes place and what its themes can mean for you individually, how you can work with it, and how it might impact you from a medical astrology perspective. This is much more precise and individualized than the general forecasts that I post regularly on social media, because I can see the aspects made to your own, unique birth chart and the way in which it is influenced. I do not require your birth time for this, but if you have it, it's going to make the reading even more specific (because I can determine the houses aka life areas affected). You will receive a pdf containing your detailed report.

Cost: 49 €

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