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Short answer: No, absolutely not.

Long answer:

Astrology does not predict concrete events or outcomes. Your birth chart delineates your reactions to experiences, natural inclinations or areas of difficulty (but not the exactly predetermined experiences as such) under the “cosmic imprint” you received at the moment of birth.

It was perfectly reasonable for the ancients to see an intrinsic all-ness (not all-one-ness in the New Age sense) permeating every level of existence, a “divine breath“ omnipresent in the natural world, an interconnectedness of everything with everything. Of course, there were different schools of thought in antiquity, especially if you look a the ancient Greeks and their ways of conceptualizing reality, sometimes openly clashing and butting heads with a different school. However, the concept of reality that has been a part of humanity since the most remote of times has always been characterized by some sort of overarching understanding that we as human beings are not divorced from Nature, the Gods or the cosmos, and that what happens “above“ is somehow reflected “below“. The key to making sense of this, if one is open-minded enough to do so, is to grasp that conscious awareness makes all the difference. ...READ MORE

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