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New Age subversion, energy harvesting, or plain nonsense – to be avoided at any rate.

This is one of the most prevalent current myths about astrology, or, rather, "modern astrology" that seems to have come out of nowhere and now occupies a firm place in the minds of many who subscribe to New Age beliefs. The article was not written by an astrologer, but someone who clearly understands the distinction between ancient teachings (that were based in long-term observations of concrete events and phenomena) and the watered-down, vague New Age babble that somehow never manages to explain just how their supposed gateways and portals function exactly, or why... Please share this whenever you see someone going on about this gobbledygook with zero basis in astrology. It is just one small example of the subversive nonsense that's being vomited onto the mainstream market under the guise of "ancient wisdom" that is nothing but made up, manipulative and empty tripe, an insult to genuine astrology and highly damaging to its image – most people don't even know there's a difference between New Age "astrology" and the real thing. ...READ MORE

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