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THE ZODIAC – A Natural & Alchemical Cycle

The 12 signs of the zodiac mark 12 different, but complementary, forms of natural & archetypal energy and mentality. They are like seasons of a year (mind you, Western astrology is basically a solar calendar), temperaments, colors, musical keys... Each sign has its own specific resonance to inner and outer impulses, and is therefore driven by different needs that are not always immediately compatible, but should be seen as steps along the path to individuation, because everyone contains all 12 energies, albeit in different mixtures and proportions. A birth chart can show a dominance or deficiency in certain elements, in which case this person’s task in life is to understand this potential imbalance and look for ways to counteract it if need be, and work with it consciously, which is often easier said than done. The first step is always self-awareness as reflected by reality, not one’s ideal image of oneself or the convenient blocking out of whatever one finds less desirable. ...READ MORE

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