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As you may have heard, there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024. Much is being made of it among the “truthers”, some of whom believe it to be the beginning of the end aka Rapture, while New Age aficionados seem to be in cahoots about its totally amazing qualities that will awaken humanity, channel energies from space, initiate Arcturian DNA code activations, and other such colorful ideas. Personally, I feel like eyerolling myself into the next dimension upon reading stuff like this…

I prefer a more pragmatic approach, respecting the ancient symbolism and importance without adding extra layers of Abrahamic end time doom or cosmic-stargate-whathaveyou exuberance, because neither is warranted. Astrologically, eclipses are extremely significant and have been ever since humans have gazed at the sky and attributed meaning to what they observed.

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