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Intuition not cultivated through skill is a euphemism for cluelessness

As several of my articles have already expounded upon, traditional astrology has nothing to do with what TikTokers or YouTubers call astrology while babbling about ascension or starseeds or ”energies“ entering into one’s third eye from the Arcturian mothership during a solar eclipse (YouTube actually suggested to me a video about the latter). Ancient astrologers, whose tradition I aim to honor, learned their craft through meticulous study and adherence to rules that had to be put into the right perspective. Their clients were well-off influential citizens or even royalty, and thus they couldn’t afford to deliver vague, generalized feelgood messages with no real world benefits or results, even if they certainly would have aimed to please their clientele. But they knew that their livelihood, and in some cases their life, depended upon being accurate first and foremost if they were able to hold a highly prestigious position at a royal court, for example. An astrologer who lacked competence might very well have been made to lack breath of life at some point in the past. Needless to say, I’m not advocating for punishment for being wrong or clueless, in case that needs to be mentioned for whoever is intent on misunderstanding me. My point is that astrology today has been devalued to such a degree that being an incompetent hack is not only acceptable, but can generate substantial online clout.

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